Book Review: Crochet a Farm

For a long time, I resisted making toys. It always seemed like so much work and fiddling with double-pointed needles. Once I discovered crochet and Stacey Trock's patterns, my resistance turned into an obsession. So when I received a review copy of Megan Kreiner's Crochet a Farm I was excited. More toys!
This adorable book contains 19 farm-inspired patterns, perfect for kids and farm-animal-loving adults alike! There's lots of cute stuff in this book. Check out the chicks and ducks:
Of course, there are sheep and alpacas. Those are definitely a necessity in any fiber arts craft book that includes farm animals, right?
The patterns are very clearly written. As someone who made a lot of crocheted toys in the last couple years, I can spot a good toy pattern from a mile away. This book is full of great ones! I think what I love the most are the incredible how-to illustrations. I personally think that the most difficult part of making softies is the assembly. There are parts to sew on, faces to make and things to stuff. The assembly is really where you can take something that's supposed to look cute and make it look like a total fail. There's so many illustrations on how to assemble the toys and finish them off that it makes the patterns fool-proof.

Which is exactly what I need.

I look forward to testing out some of these patterns this year. I'm thinking my niece, Miss C, might need a crocheted farm for her birthday!

Crochet a Farm is now available on the Martingale website or you can find it at your local bookstore or LYS. You can see all the patterns on the Ravelry page.

Images from Crochet a Farm, Martingale, 2015; Photos by Brent Kane. All rights reserved.

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