When You Really Love Someone...

My dear friend, Angela, loves the Green Bay Packers. I do not love the Green Bay Packers. But, I love Angela, so this is happening...
That's right - some lovely socks in green and gold. The yarn is Knitcircus Gradient Striped Socks Set in the Lambeau Leap colorway. Perfect for the lady that grew up just outside Green Bay!

I've been working on these socks for a couple months now (they're mostly only getting love at knit night) and I finally have an appropriate bag to carry them in:
They needed to go in a project bag for my favorite football team. :) I picked up this bag from Kitchen Counter Crafter at the Janesville Knit-In. I didn't have a Bears bag yet and I definitely needed it for this particular project.
I had hoped to gift these socks a couple weeks ago, but it didn't happen. At least I only have a few rows to go, so I know Angela will have her socks for next season no problem!

What are you working on this WIP Wednesday?

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