Triangle Trio Shawl

I'm pleased to announce that my Triangle Trio Shawl is now available for Ravelry download.
Triangle Trio Shawl by Jen Lucas
A trio of fun! This top-down wedge shawl features three lace triangle sections, each containing three lace patterns. The piece is super simple to modify - each chart can be worked for as long as you like. Knit out of a beautiful merino and cashmere sock yarn, you not only end up with a fun shawl to knit, but a soft, light-weight piece to wear all day long.

Triangle Trio Shawl by Jen Lucas
 Triangle Trio Shawl by Jen Lucas
The pattern was originally seen in the Summer 2015 Issue of Love of Knitting magazine (my Castine Pi Shawl was in that issue too). Since getting the shawl back from the magazine, it's been one of my absolute favorites to wear. I really love this shawl shape.
Triangle Trio Shawl by Jen Lucas
The pattern calls for 700 yards of fingering weight yarn and you definitely end up with a large comfy shawl. The charts can be repeated as many times as you like though - your shawl can be whatever size you want.

I see more shawls with this shape in my future. I love this style of shawl!

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