New Project Bags

Over the weekend I went to YarnCon in Chicago. It's one of my very favorite knitting events - the shopping there is so good. There's lots of little indie dyers and shops and you can find lots of stuff that you don't see at a lot of the other conventions and events around town.

I headed down on Saturday afternoon to meet up with Corrina, who was teaching there. We spent a couple hours chatting and knitting. It was so much fun! I only get to see Corrina in person once or twice a year, and it's always nice to catch up.

I did a pretty good job keeping myself in check on the shopping front...I only came home with two new projects bags. There was a ton of beautiful yarn and of course I wanted all of it, but I'm trying to finish up my next book. I knew if I bought yarn I'd end up knitting with it immediately. I have no self control when it comes to starting new projects with brand new shiny yarn. :)

Anyway, here's my small haul:
 Knitting LIke Crazy: New Project Bags from MayBeaCrafted
 Knitting LIke Crazy: New Project Bags from MayBeaCrafted
The smaller blue one I bought to use as a notions bag. I'd been thinking about how I wanted a slightly larger notions bag, one that could fit a small notebook. That small bag fits the bill, everything fits in there perfectly! The larger bag with the owls will be perfect for larger shawl projects.

I purchased both of these bags from MayBeaCrafted. So cute! I'm sure I'll be visiting her Etsy site in the future for more project bags.

There were lots of events going on over all around the country last weekend! Were you at any of them? If so, what kind of goodies did you get?

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