Oh the Planner Stickers

Several weeks ago, I took this photo:
At the start of the week, I set the goal to make it to boot camp all five weekdays. I did and it was awesome. That one little hand-drawn tracker in my planner has since sent me down a new road...the road of planner decorating.

After that week I got to thinking. I wonder if I can buy a sticker for my planner to track my workouts and how much water I'm drinking? Turns out you can. And you can get an infinite amount of other planner stickers.

What has happened to me is much like when I first started knitting. I've thrown any sticker budget out the window, I'm learning all I can about planner decorating (There's tons of YouTube out there. Of people simply putting stickers in their planners. And I can't stop watching.) and I'm looking into going to a planner conference (there's a convention for everything!).

I bought myself an Erin Condren planner (all the sticker shops sell stickers that fit perfectly in each day's box) and now my planner for next week looks like this:

Seriously, the cuteness.

I'm not sure how long I'll keep this up. I'll admit, there are some days that the decorating gets in the way of writing down the stuff I need to do. But, I'm enjoying it as new, kind of weird creative outlet.

The best part of this new hobby? The yarn stickers! I thought I'd share the ones I've found so far.

I found these adorable from Sweet Kawaii Design. I love that she had both knitting and crochet themed stickers!

Thumb Prints Co is quickly becoming one of my favorite shops. Did you know you can get planner sticker kit clubs like you can with knitting and crochet? It's true and I've started getting the Thumb Prints Co club each month. I also found these yarn balls with knitting needles on her site:

Last but not least is PlannerNation. My friend Jenny pointed me towards this shop and I'm so glad she did - these skeins of yarn are awesome.
I love using my new yarn-related stickers in my planner. Perfect for days where I have a ton of knitting to do or I'm heading to knit night.

If you decorate your planner I'd love to know what kind of planner you have and where you love to get your stickers!

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