What's in my teaching bag?

I'm packing up my teaching bag to head out to Strings Attached Yarns in Dayton, Ohio, this weekend. I visited this shop last summer and had a wonderful time - I'm thrilled that I've been asked to come back and teach again this year!

I talked on Periscope a few weeks ago about what's in my teaching bag, but hadn't shared here on the blog...so I took a few photos as I was packing.

I start with my rolling tote bag (I bought it on Amazon).
Then I add my 'class kits.' I came up with this system after watching Gwen Bortner's How to Teach It class on Craftsy. I bought small plastic bags (the kind you would put toiletries in while traveling) and labeled them with the class name. I stick my swatches in there and anything else I might need (yarn & needles for a specific demo, for example). This has probably been the biggest time saver when packing to go teach. Just grab the kit or kits I need and go!
I have another larger, clear bag I also take with me. This one has extra yarn, needles, stitch markers, post-it notes. I can use these things for demos as well and it's nice to have in case someone left their notions bag at home and needs a stitch marker in class.
The next thing is my bag of markers. This is key. Especially when teaching at a convention, the markers are often missing or dried out in the classroom. No worries - I have my own. :)
I have some permanent markers for paper and a few white board markers too. I'm always sure to double check that I've pulled the correct ones out before class (don't want those permanent markers on the white board).

Then there's the samples:
I load up my reusable bag with shawls and whatever other samples I want to bring with me. I like having them in their own separate bag just to keep them from getting snagged on a random zipper or something.

Next is the file folder:
It's a plastic file folder that you can get any office supply store. I keep a copy of each of my books in there and the handouts for my classes. Any other paper I need for my teaching event is inside as well (printed invoice for the shop, parking pass if driving to a convention, etc).

Finally, there's the little things I keep in the inside zipper pocket of the tote bag:
Those are necessities! That Advil has saved me more than once. haha

I will also bring 1-2 large water bottles and put them in the side pockets of the tote bag. Hydration is key. Depending on my schedule and where I'm teaching, I might throw some snacks in the bag too (squeezable apple sauce, nuts and granola bars are my go-to teaching snacks).

Since buying a dedicated 'teaching bag' and having my little bag system, packing for any teaching event is a breeze!

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