Renwick Inn

Earlier this month, my knit and crochet group went on a weekend retreat. We had the best time! On Friday morning, we packed up and headed out to Renwick Inn in Plainfield, IL. This place is fantastic - a crafter's dream!
 There were 4 bedrooms, each with 3 to 4 beds.
Tammy, who owns the bed & breakfast, had the comfy chairs all set up for our weekend of knitting and crocheting!

The decor was adorable!
 The snack nook! It was stocked with snacks, drinks and coffee the entire weekend. 

We ate some amazing food while we were there too. Tammy is an outstanding chef! It was so nice to have a whole weekend of home-cooked meals that we didn't have to make. What a treat. It was all delicious, but the chicken tortilla soup we had on the first day was my favorite. 

We spent the weekend talking and laughing and crafting. I think we all needed the break from the daily grind. I spent the weekend working on something for myself - a Rowan Berry Shawlette by Laurinda Reddig. It's a gorgeous crochet shawl and it felt nice to be following another designer's instructions rather than working on my own designs.
I still need to block the shawl, and I'll be sure to share photos after I do. It's so pretty. 

I'm so glad I got to spend the weekend with some of my very favorite people in a wonderful place. Seriously, if you're looking for a spot to host a retreat weekend, consider the Renwick Inn. It's the best!

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