WIP Wednesday: Briarcliff

So remember that time I was all into knitting my Briarcliff sweater? Yeah, that was over a year ago. Oops.

I've finally picked it back up again and I'm motivated to finish it. Why?
Because I'm going to Rhinebeck in October! It's a little last minute that I managed to get this to work out, but it did. My room is paid for, my flight has been booked, but, alas, I have no "Rhinebeck Sweater."

At first I briefly considered starting a whole new sweater, but then decided against it. I have a back and 1.5 sleeves done of Briarcliff, it makes sense to just finish this one.

Oh, right, but the INTARSIA fronts. And I've never really done intarsia before. But now I have a deadline. Nothing like a deadline to motivate you, right? :)

I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought I would.
 I'm doing my best to keep my little bobbins neat and tidy. It's actually working out pretty well so far.
So, I'll keep plugging away. I'm hopeful that I can get it done in time.

It's WIP Wednesday! What are you working on?

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