Design Your Biz: Tech Editing

A couple weeks ago I talked about test and sample knitting. In that post, I touched on the importance of tech editing, but today I'd like to dive a little deeper.

Tech editing - why does it matter?

As knitters and crocheters we all like our patterns error-free, right?

A good tech editor is your best defense against errors. No matter how good you think you are at finding the misplaced comma or that k2 that should be a p2, it's nearly impossible to perfectly edit your own work. In the grand scheme of things, a tech editor isn't that expensive - I'd say around $20-30/hour. For someone like me that self-publishes accessories patterns, many times it takes less than an hour for a good tech editor to go through my pattern.

Does stuff occasionally still get missed? Of course. We're all human. But without a good tech editor the patterns would contain far more errors.

To take it a step further, I personally think it's a good idea to switch tech editors every so often, every few years or so. Much like it's hard to check your own work because you know what you were trying to say, I think after awhile a tech editor gets used to your style and what you were trying to say too. It doesn't mean they are doing a bad job, it's just being human. :)

So, if you are thinking about posting that pattern on Ravelry (and I think you should, being a designer is the best job), make sure you find a tech editor! Tech editors advertise in the designer groups on Ravelry all the time! Trust me, it's worth the $30 you'll spend to not have to answer questions about your pattern because it was confusing/wrong.

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