FO Friday: I Hopped on the Bandwagon

Much like when I joined the bandwagon and designed Bandwagon, my first asymmetrical triangle shawl design, I have hopped on the messy bun hat bandwagon.
Knitting Like Crazy: Messy Bun Hat

Did I write up a pattern for it? Nope! It's just a hat where you eliminate the last couple of rows and bind off so there's a hole for your messy bun. Really, no pattern needed.
Knitting Like Crazy: Messy Bun Hat

Ever since these hats blew up on Facebook, I've been getting requests to make them. And while knitting finished items isn't a part of my business plan, I'm happy to make a hat or two for close friends who are knit-worthy. :)

Have you jumped on the messy bun hat bandwagon?

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