Earlier this week, I released my first self-published pattern of 2017. This is Sendero:

The Moebius is something I’ve been avoiding in my knitting for over a decade. A crazy cast-on, a super long circular needle – it all seemed so scary. Add a twist to your knitting on purpose? Yeah, no thanks.

But it’s time to face my fears, and maybe yours too. If I can hike the twisting and winding Bright Angel Trail at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, I certainly handle a little twist in my knitting!

Me on the Bright Angel trail last September. I was terrified almost the entire time, but I did it! :) 

Since it was my first time knitting a Moebius, I decided to keep the pattern pretty simple. once you complete the ribbing, it's a simple lace pattern that looks pretty in the Done Roving DK Gradient Transitions yarn.

Now that I have the Moebius figured out, you can bet there will be more Moebius patterns in my future. It was so fun to knit!

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