FO Friday: I Have a Problem

I just can't stop. It's a real problem. Someone reveals that they are with child, and I start knitting Upside Down Daisy Hats. Anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows I have an addiction when it comes to these hats. 

So, when my friend Tiffanie revealed that she was expecting twins, you know what had to be done. 
Upside Down Daisy Hats 
Tiffanie does not know what kind of babies she is growing (i.e. boy/girl and their various combinations, she has confirmed they are human, haha), so I went with something more neutral than usual.
Upside Down Baby Hats
The pattern is the Upside-Down Daisy by Susan B. Anderson. Although, at this point, I don't follow a pattern, I just knit it. I used some lable-less, craft store bulky yarn from my stash to get the job done. I knit both hats in just a few hours.

Once finished, I wrapped them up with the other gifts, and used the leftover yarn for some nice pom-pom ribbon thing!
Baby Shower Gift with Pom Poms
Happy FO Friday! What did you finish this week?

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