FO Friday: Unnamed Cowlette

I finished up my currently unnamed Into the Whirled cowlette design. These are not the final photos for the upcoming pattern, but I still wanted to share it with you. 
I look forward to getting some more photos in the coming days that really capture it's awesomeness. The cable & lace section is so nice. I love the texture the stitch pattern created.
As I currently don't have a name for it, if you have a good name, leave it in the comments (or reply to the email if you get my blog posts sent to your inbox). If I pick your name for the cowlette, I'll send you the pattern for free when it comes out! This is a totally subjective game - I'll pick my favorite. :) Make sure you leave your Ravelry name with it too so I can find you should you win!

UPDATE: I've picked a winner! FaerieKP came up with Duvessa! Faerie has been sent a copy of the pattern. Thanks to everyone for playing. There were lots of great names to chose from!


  1. It would be much easier to suggest a name if the pic was better. I know you know that but my name as see it now is:
    Twists and Turns
    Joyce Hensel --Yarngirl32 Rav name

  2. I like a nod to the Whirled yarn. Whirlwind?-- with the "wind" as in "wind yarn" not "blowing in the". Maybe "Whirl winding" (not a pattern on Rav yet)? Of course no one will read it like that. But it's a lovely pattern and it looks like a fun knit!
    Katie -- Rav id: Katie

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I like "Bernadette". For the Big Bang character and the book, "Where'd You Go, Bernadette". It seems like something they would both wear. And who wouldn't love a Bernadette Cowlette?
    rav id - Calliopesmom

  4. My name for it would be Northern Lights. There's those pretty colors mixed in with the darkness.

  5. The yarn reminds me of a thunderstorm. How about the Indra Cowl named after one of Gods of Thunder?

  6. Mountains and Moonlight

    Ravelry = DebAudrey

  7. The twists and turns of the stitches in their orderly pattern make me think of "Pathways" as a name..

    ...a lovely pattern!

    Ravelry - khaggas

  8. How about Cable and Lace Maze?

    joanhb Rave

  9. "The road less traveled" comes to mind

    Alison W
    rav- myasisdragon


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