FO Friday: Unnamed Cowlette

I finished up my currently unnamed Into the Whirled cowlette design. These are not the final photos for the upcoming pattern, but I still wanted to share it with you. 
I look forward to getting some more photos in the coming days that really capture it's awesomeness. The cable & lace section is so nice. I love the texture the stitch pattern created.
As I currently don't have a name for it, if you have a good name, leave it in the comments (or reply to the email if you get my blog posts sent to your inbox). If I pick your name for the cowlette, I'll send you the pattern for free when it comes out! This is a totally subjective game - I'll pick my favorite. :) Make sure you leave your Ravelry name with it too so I can find you should you win!

UPDATE: I've picked a winner! FaerieKP came up with Duvessa! Faerie has been sent a copy of the pattern. Thanks to everyone for playing. There were lots of great names to chose from!

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