Rhinebeck Recap

I'm back to today to talk about my second annual Rhinebeck trip! I had an excellent time with my friends and I'm already looking forward to my third annual Rhinebeck trip next year. :)

We headed to New York on Wednesday. Having a couple days before the actual NY Sheep & Wool festival to hang out and explore was such a treat. On Thursday, we drove to Webs. It was only about 2 hours from where we were staying and we had to check it out.

Webs Yarn
 On Friday we went to the town of Rhinebeck because we wanted to check out the pre-sheep & wool festival event, Needles Up. We used this as an opportunity to check out the town, stopping at Samuel's Sweet Shop. Actor Paul Rudd is a part owner, so we needed to go look for him. ;)
 Samuel's Sweet Shop Rhinebeck NY
Paul Rudd on a Rice Treat
We shopped around town and went to Needles Up and Indie Untangled. Lots of great things were purchased.

On Saturday, the crew headed to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds for the big event. Here are a few photos from the weekend.
Rhinebeck Selfie


Hobonichi Planners
I didn't take a lot of photos, but I did have a ton of fun. It's so great to hang out with the people who love all the things you love, isn't it? On Monday we headed home to Chicagoland with all our bags seriously stuffed with yarn. It was awesome.

Want to see all the things I bought over Rhinebeck weekend? I made a video! You can check it out on my new YouTube channel. You can view the Rhinebeck 2017 Haul video here.

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