Throwback Thursday: Milton

In addition to Passerine, which I talked about a few weeks ago, Milton has been getting a little love lately too. I said it before, I really enjoy seeing slightly older patterns being discovered by new knitters. It reminds me how much I love them too.
Milton by Jen Lucas

I think I'm going to have do another shawl of this shape soon. I've moved away from it a bit as my obsession with crescent shawls has grown over the last few months. So many shawl shapes, not enough shawl knitting time, right?
Milton by Jen Lucas

Milton is worked sideways, with a bias, meaning you get cool things happening both with the stitch pattern and that gradient yarn. I used a pack of Frolicking Feet Mini Gradients from Done Roving for mine. I love the color changes in this shawl.
Milton by Jen Lucas

Cables, lace, a hint of garter stitch in a gradient yarn with a knitted-on border. I think I put everything I love the most into this shawl! ;)

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