Bears socks!

It's Saturday, it's 8:30 in the morning. There is something just not right about this. I have to go to work later, but not until 1pm. Why, oh why am I up?

Anywho. . . .

I have been working on a new pair of socks. It's been a little slow going, but I have been enjoying them immensely. They are some Jaywalker socks! I keep seeing this pattern out in blog-land, and decided that I needed some of my own. I decided this right about the times the Bears got themselves into the Super Bowl. So you know what that means--Bears socks! I am using KnitPicks Essential in Dusk and Pumpkin. This is yarn I have had for awhile, and was orginally intended for a pair of blue socks and a pair of orange socks, but I have to say, that Bears socks are a much better idea. I have dreams of these being done before the Super Bowl, but I am not sure that will happen. Although, I have no intentions of leaving the apartment tomorrow, so I might make some significant headway!

In other news, I felted my purse this week. For a first attempt, I give myself a grade of B-. The purse sort of shrunk more in one direction than I thought it was going to (even though I felted a swatch and did some math, and you think math would be my thing when it comes to knitting, you know, I did obtain a math minor in college, but knitting doesn't often require differential equations or linear algebra, but I digress). So, what does a girl do when her purse is a little on a shallow side and does not want her stuff to fall out? She sews in a zipper. A zipper that matches the purse. A stroke of genius. Granted, I am not good at things like sewing, so I did a bit of a crap job. But, I used it when I went out to dinner last night and nothing disasterous happened, so I am calling the felted purse a success.

Other than the Bears socks, the only other thing on the needles are another pair of socks that I have been working on that I am just not feeling. I am not quite to the point of frogging them, but it's getting there. I also have started toying with the idea of knitting myself a sweater. Perhaps a cardigan. We will see.

Happy Saturday!

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