A Pattern? Well, kind of.

Alright, a real post. Well, maybe. . . .

Kay wondered about a pattern for the beer cozy I made. I took the wine cozy pattern from Knitty and modified it. Below are my notes on it. I (of course) did not knit a gauge swatch and the cozies are long gone. I pretty much knit it with a beer bottle next to me for measuring.

Well, here goes:

Needles: Size 6 double pointed needles
Yarn: Some $2.99 a skein 100% acrylic yarn that was in my stash from when I was first learning to knit. Some leftover worsted weight yarn will certainly do the trick.
Gauge: Whatever you need to do to get this thing to go around a beer bottle! :)
Cast on 32 stitches. Join round being careful not to twist. Work in K2, P2 rib for 2.5 inches. Continue to work in stockinette (knit every round) until piece measure 8.5 inches from top. After you have desired length work one row of purl and then one row of knit (this makes a nice little ridge at the bottom of the cozy). Continue with the bottom of the cozy.

Round 1: [SSK, K2, K2tog] across
Round 2: Knit
Round 3: [SSK, K2tog] across
Round 4: [K2tog] across

Cut yarn leaving a long tail. Pull yarn through stitches that are left on needle like you would do to the top of hat. Crack open a beer and enjoy!

Like I said, I just winged this one, so hopefully it works for you. On one of the cozies I knitted the word beer in it. I just took some graph paper and drew it out and then knit it. Just remember that you need to start at the top of the word beer since you are knitting from the top down! :)
In other knitting news, much is going on. I finished, blocked and already wore once the feather and fan socks. I love them. And that Koigu yarn is fantastic! I am glad that I have some lime green Koigu that I bought earlier this month. I also have diligently been working on my first felted project--a bag. I felted my swatch, and now I am on to knitting the bag. It just needs some handles! I have also been working on some more socks, but I am not super happy about them. Maybe they are too boring or something. Alright, well, that's all I've got for now. Tonight I have the apartment to myself and my Creative Knitting magazine came in the mail today. What else do I need?

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