I am in love, and this time it's for real. . . .

Uh, can we just talk for a moment about my new love affair with my STR in Lucy? I know I say that every new sock I start is my favorite, but this time, it's for real. I am using the Jaywalker pattern once again. I love that it is making my sock look like a 1970's living room.

I feel like this sock is my child. I just want to hug it, and love it, and take a million pictures of it, so I can photo-document every moment of its life. It's a good sock.

The Combo Corset T is moving right along. I made it through ball #2 while watching Idol, but I did not have any more yarn wound, so I worked on my sock. Tonight, there will be more sweater knitting. Alex and I will watch all of our Thursday night tv, since we are not going to ballroom dancing tonight---Alex is sick. And, you know, since we take class with people mostly 60 and older (many of them much older) we try to stay away when sick.

Alright, that is really all that I had to say. I thought you would all like to know about my new love: Lucy McFancy1970s-Sock. That's right, she has a name.

Ok, back to knitting. Have a lovely evening people!

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