A trip to Milwaukee. . . .

Yesterday, my friends and I went up to Milwaukee to The Domes. The five of us piled into Angela's car and headed up there. Even though I was crammed in the backseat with Ang and Dan, I did manage to work on a sock. . . . Hooray for finishing up the Lorna's Laces sock, finally! I closed the toe when I got home last night. The sock had quite the adventure while at The Domes yesterday afternoon:
People were kind of looking at me funny while I was taking this picture. I guess it makes sense--I mean, really, how often do you see a woman pull a partially knit sock out of her purse and start taking pictures of it...it is kind of strange. In fact, Ryan took a picture of me taking a picture of my sock because he thought it was funny. Oh well, I am the crazy knitting lady, I must live up to that title. :)

This is my favorite picture I took while up in Milwaukee--it's an orchid. What kind? That I don't know. I just like to look at the flowers. As soon as I look at the name of the flower I immediately forget it. What can I say...it's a curse!

Finally, here is the picture of the outside of The Domes. It was built in the 1960's. Clearly, you can tell that just from the picture.
Anyway, after sock knitting and flower sniffing and stuffing adults into a tiny car, I would have to say it was a good day!

My new sock project is some Jaywalkers with STR in the Lucy colorway. I just started them, but they are looking good so far. My sweater is coming along nicely. I would have a picture, but it's just more ribbing than the last picture....nothing too exciting!

Happy knitting!

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