oh the sock yarn, how i love thee. . . .

Well I came home today and there it was--the sock yarn I have been waiting--nay, dreaming--for. I ordered this stuff a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of it taking awhile to get here. It's the February budget purchase: Socks That Rock yarn!!! Both are mediumweight. The one on the left is the colorway Lucy (like Lucy the cat from Wendy' blog) and the one on the right is Downpour. These are going to make me some nice socks one of these days. I just love both of them!!!

That's really all I had to post about. Hmm, more content? The Lorna's Laces socks are coming along nicely. Since I had the apartment all to myself last night, I sat on the couch, watched bad MTV for hours upon hours on end, and knit a sock. I did another eye of the partridge heel on this one. I think this is my heel flap of choice. Easy, fancy, and yes I have said all this before.
Well, tonight will likely involve more sock knitting. Since I was home alone last night I was told not to watch American Idol (the favorite TV show of people who live in this apartment). So, tonight we have two episodes to watch. And, maybe some of the second season of The Office. That is my second favorite show!

Oh! I know! Last night before I turned on hours upon hours of bad MTV I was watching the eighty-zillion (that being an exact number, of course) Knitty Gritty episodes that the Tivo had recorded. I have now decided, without question that I am going to knit this. I know I was thinking about cardigans and thermal shirts and things, but I think this is the place to start in terms of shirt/sweater knitting. It's one piece, I know how to do everything the pattern requires and I think it will look good on me. So, now there is that damn budget. I have decided that I will get the yarn for this piece now and then buy no more yarn until like May or something. Whatever it takes to even the budget out. I think it won't be that bad as I have a bunch of nice sock yarn and this top is going to take me awhile. But, budget knitting is what I must do. When a girl decides to take multiple vacations in a year and what not, it must be done! :)

Alright, I came home from the gym I was so excited about the sock yarn that I decided to blog rather than shower. That is gross and too much information. :)

Happy knitting!

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