Lots of pictures--and some knitting.

Alright, this post has many pictures. Like a week worth of the knitting happenings of me!

Ok, so I had been thinking about getting a yarn swift. I just think they are the coolest not-so-little knitting contraption. So, I was looking around on the internet, unsure how much to spend and that's when Alex found me one on eBay. Alex will help me wind yarn when I need some yarn wound, but secretly he doesn't like doing it. Actually, he told me he doesn't like doing it much. That's probably why he found me a swift...you know, so now I can wind yarn solo. I am now a proud of owner of a yarn swift. Hooray!

Naturally, I had to try the thing out. That's the STR in Lucy that I got in the mail last week. It will soon become a pair of socks (once I finish the Lorna's Laces pair). This weekend I did a little cleaning. Part of the cleaning that took place was some organization for all my knitting stuff. I realized I had needles all over the apartment, balls of yarn sitting in the laundry basket with clean clothes waiting to be folded, and patterns shoved under the bed. A little organization was necessary! Here's an attempt to catalog all the needles I have. . . .
I had way more needles than I thought I did. I really did not have a lot of repeats. I have several pairs of size 2 dpns, but I have been knitting so many socks, that I purposely bought extras. You know, for when the couch eats one or something.

Then there was the yarn for the sweater. I ordered it from Paradise Fibers. The yarn came so fast! I decided to go with the yarn recommended for the pattern, since I have never knit a big thing, um, ever, so I figured the less math and swatching I had to do, the better. I love this yarn. It's red and beautiful and soft and so my color! :) After I received the yarn, I immediately knit my gauge swatch. And, through a belated Christmas miracle, I actually got gauge. I sat there in awe, measuring and remeasuring, for a good ten minutes. Now, this of course does not mean that I won't end up having a gauge disaster with this project, but one can only hope for the best.

So, here it is....the beginning of a Combo Corset T: The K2, P2 rib makes for some boring knitting, but I wanted my first garment to be a success, so I went with easy. Plus, it's easy to knit while watching American Idol! I am really loving this project, I really can't say that enough!

Finally, there is a lot of snow on the ground right now. Nay--there is a sh*t-ton. It's been snowing all day and the wind is blowing like crazy, and my balcony looks like this:

Sock included for scale. Yes, that is an adult sock. That's a lot of snow.

And with that, I am off to cook some dinner.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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