Hey! Quit Jaywalking!

I did it. I finished the Lucy Jaywalkers over the weekend. I am definitely going to wear these babies tomorrow. They are the greatest socks ever. I may never make a more wonderful pair--oh yarn which came out non-pooled and lovely! Oh, the pattern, which is so easy you can memorize it in about two minutes! Oh the eye of the partridge heel, that which is so easy but looks quite impressive!

Hmm, have I mentioned that I love these socks?
And, moving on. . . .
Last night I dyed some more yarn with Kool-Aid. Some of it is super secret yarn, which can not be put on the blog and some, of course, is for me. I mixed some different colors together and at first it looked almost brownish red and not nice, but now that it is starting to dry, I clearly am in love!

Uh, it's awesome. The thing I like about dyeing my own yarn is that even if it did turn out nasty brownish red (like the carpet in my parents old house, for those who have seen it), it would still be totally unique yarn that no one else will ever knit with. I really like that idea.

Kay commented in one of the previous posts wondering if this was hard or messy. I have to say the first time was a little frustrating. The kitchen is small, there's yarn everywhere, it was a bit messy. But, last night there was little Kool-Aid on the counter and the process went much much smoother. If you are looking for some good directions on how to dye yarn with Kool-Aid, take a look here. The nice thing about the Kool-Aid is since it is meant to be consumed, you can use all the bowl and pans and stuff from your kitchen. You don't have to worry about killing yourself with something toxic the next time you make spaghetti! :)

Eric, my Wee Tiny Sock Pal received his sock today. I can't believe that. It got mailed from the suburbs of Chicago on a Friday afternoon and made it to Tulsa today. Man, that post office is good.

More sock knitting tonight. Must. watch. Dancing. with. the. Stars.

**Added 3/20/07 at 8:00am. I used 2 packets of black cherry, one packet of grape and one packet of strawberry on my Kool-Aid dyed yarn above. Like I said before it looked bad when I was dyeing, but it looks nice and pink now!**

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