The Wee Tiny Sock Has Arrived!

Today was one of the best mail days ever. You know, usually it's bills, ads, bills, bills, ads, ball of sock yarn, bills, bills, bills. Today, however, there were no bills for me. Only a letter with "Hand Cancel Only" written on the envelope. It was my Wee Tiny Sock. It came from Daryl in New York (no blog was mentioned in the card, so I think she may be blogless). What a lovely sock! And, as if the sock was not enough--there were stitch/row markers!!! How wonderfully spring-like! Thanks, Daryl! In other knitting news, my combo corset-t is in the last couple inches of knitting. Hopefully this weekend it will be on to the crocheted button holes and what not. I bought my crochet hook and buttons at Joann's last night. I have also been working on a sock--one from my own pattern I am trying to write (trying to write is the key phrase here). So, if all goes well with that, perhaps I will have a free sock pattern for all to enjoy next week!

And, back to knitting!


  1. What great colors for a Wee Tiny Sock! And stitch markers are always a treat. :D

  2. Hey Secret Pal, what a super cute little sock. That sounds like a fun exchange. I did a little internet shopping for you yesterday. ;-) Hope to get your first package out next week. Have a great weekend!

    Your Secret Pal

  3. Very cute wee sock and stitch markers! An excellent mail day indeed.

  4. Hi, it's me (it is I is probably correct English). I was your secret pal. I am glad that you like your wee sock and the stitch markers that I made to go with it. I neglected to put my blog address in the card. It is a very new blog with only a few entries but I will be trying to get up to speed. You can visit me at: http://tinytinks.blogspot.com/


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