A quick post...then peace out!

Well, once again this week has proven to be a busy one. Ah, I dream of the day of only working eight hours, driving home before rush hour and having time in the apartment to sit on my ass and knit. But, alas, now is not that time.

I have virtually no knitting content. I have been working on Soleil, but right now it's a bunch of stockinette, so I have no good WIP pic to show you. I think I may be able to crank the rest of this project out this weekend and then there will be good pictures. Oh, I do have this: Oh what could this blurry picture be? Well, I took a tiny amount off of each skein I dyed (like 2-3 yards) and knit it up. Then I added the next color and kept going. I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons:
1. So I could remember how awesome this stuff was before I parted ways with it.
B. Try to imagine how a sock would look with this stuff, so I can make a better decision about whether or not I want to try a certain color combo again.
It's kind of crazy, the colors don't all go together well, but I just try to imagine each little strip as its own sock. Then I am happy!
And speaking of the hand-dyed yarn. . . .
I still plan on getting everything on the website the first week of June. We will see if I can meet the deadline I set for myself. :)
This weekend is going to be another crazy one. Alex and I are travelling with his parents to Ohio for some kind of picnic/reunion thing. I think it will be fun. I have been trying to pack and everything tonight, so there is less to do tomorrow after work and so far all I have done is this:
It's the knitting bag. A new knitting bag at that. I was at Target today and decided to look for a new bag. One that zips closed. This one was on clearance, so it was the bag for me. Anyway, I digress. I spent the majority of the evening screwing around and thinking about how much knitting to bring along. I mean, Ohio is not that far from here, but it's not that close either. Do I have too much? Too little? Oh, it is so hard to say. I am not that fast of a knitter, but yet I am not that slow. Such problems! :) I settled on the Soleil (with all the yarn packed in the bag, because running out and knowing there is more sitting at home, would make me crazy), the Jay-ripplelicious sock the second, and two other balls of sock yarn (just in case). Then there are a couple of sock patterns in there (Monkey and Pomatomus) and one of the yarn dyeing books Alex got me for my birthday, just in case I need a break from the knitting.
Of course, I have yet to decide on what clothes to bring.
Well, I will leave you with a final, non-knitty thought. I am sad to report that the birthday Ecosphere is not doing well. Three shrimp have died. One remains. I fear for him. A part of me wants him to live, to go on, and live a happy shrimpy life. And, to be completely honest, the other part of me hopes he meets the same fate as the others, so we can send the thing back and get new shrimp (they have a 6 month guarantee on the shrimp). I will keep you all posted. . . .
Happy knitting! :)

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