Some knitting, some yarn buying and free yarn!!!!

Are you looking for some free yarn? Yeah, I knew it! Details are at the end of this post. But, hey, while you're here, why not read my blog. . . .

And onto the knitted goodness:

Well, I have safely returned from Ohio. There was a good time had by all. I saw lots of Alex's relatives, went on the tour of childhood in Ohio, and ate at Frisch's Big Boy (something I had never done until this weekend). It was good.

Then there was the knitting. I did get a lot of knitting done while in transit. Of course, I had too much yarn, but it is always better to be on the safe side with these things. Here is what was accomplished: Above is another mini-sock. This one is for Ryan. He wants a mini sock. He does not knit. With Ryan, one must not question these things. I just knit the sock.

Here we have Soleil: Still miles of stockinette. I thought I would have more done, but other things were being worked on. Like the Jayripplicious sock!
I am pleased with these. You may recall they are a pattern I invented using parts of Broadripple and Jaywalker. Result: A Jayripple-y sock.

Hmm, let's see. I received a bunch of yarn in the mail this week. It's all from the gift certificates I got for my birthday. First we have the goodies from The Loopy Ewe (thanks JC!):

We have some Louet Gems on the left (and I bought the pattern for Flicker by Cookie A.). On the right we have Claudia Handpainted Yarn in Purple Earth. Both are lovely!

Then there was the stuff from BMFA (thanks Alex!):

From left to right I have Rose Quartz, Lemon Grass, Cracked Canyon and Titania. I also got the pattern for Titania's Revenge. There is a great deal of sock yarn around here, to say the least!

And, now, onto what you all have been waiting for: THE FREE YARN!

Here is what I am giving away:This is one skein (approx. 400yds, 100g) of my hand dyed yarn in fingering weight. The Colorway is Bubble Gum. I am giving this yarn away in honor of my Etsy shop now being open. That's right--it is now open!! So, look around, buy some yarn. The site is: knittinglikecrazy.etsy.com. Anyway, if you would like to be entered into my free yarn giveaway just fill out this form or send me an email at jenATknittinglikecrazyDOTcom. That's it. I will be randomly selecting one winner from all the emails on Sunday, June 3rd. You have until noon Central Time on Sunday, June 3rd to enter. Good luck! :)

Thanks to everyone who has been sending me good yarn-y thoughts over the last couple weeks. I really appreciate it! :)

Happy knitting!

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