This one time, there wasn't yarn everywhere. . . .

Things have continued to be busy here at Knitting Like Crazy. It is still a yarn factory in here. I like it. It's kind of fun. I did do some dyeing the other night and here is some of what I did:

The two on the right are already listed on my Etsy shop. The other two will be going up this week sometime. The one on the right is called Mountain Stream and the one second from the right is called Open Waters (I have two skeins of this one). The other two are not named yet. Although I think the one second from the left looks like a pair of knock-off Umbro soccer shorts I had in my youth. Ah, the 80s...they were awesome with the Umbros and what not! :)

My last post I made a list of knitting I would like to complete in the near future. I have decided to add this to the list as well: It's the sock I attempted to design a long time ago. I have one sock done and some ribbing on the second sock. I wrote pretty good notes on this, so I would like to try to finish it. So, I think it might have to go in the knitting bag on the trip with the family next week!

Work this week may be crazy again. I have the whole week after that off, so much must be accomplished in the next five days. Hopefully there will be time for knitting during lunch.

Well, that's all I have. I am trying to pull knitting projects out of thin air in order to have some content for the blog. Someday. Someday I will have FOs to show off. :)

Happy knitting, people!


  1. Oooohhh...love the blues you have just dyed. And I received my bubble gum yarn; love it! It is really fun! Thank you again.

  2. Stop tempting me....

  3. Still dying to buy! Still want, birthday too far away... Can't take it...

  4. Hey congrats on your Etsy store. The yarn looks fabulous. I wandered over from Kay's website. Hi Kay! I am on a Yarn Diet right now, however, the countdown is nearing it's end!

  5. You've got the blues! Gorgeous yarn. And the sock is so pretty. Can't wait to see the pair of them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jen.

  6. www.knittingnutter.com5:59:00 PM

    Your yarn is gorgeous!

  7. Love the yarn. Blues are my favorite colors.


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