You did what?

So, in addition to recently discovering podcasts, I also discovered the wonderful goodness of Knitter's Review. I am on that forum all the time, reading away. Anyway, there was one about worst project or something. So I posted about the twenty foot scarf I once knit accidentally. It was, I think, the second thing I tried to knit. I wanted a scarf knit longways and, knowing nothing of gauge and swatches I ended up with this disaster:
Sock included for scale.

Anyway, there were some people who seemed interested in it, so I said I would post some pics. Even though I knit this three years ago, I can't frog it or toss it(I mean, it's made with cheap acrylic so tossing would be an option). It's a reminder of the knitter I used to be. I like having it in my closet. :)

My Embossed Leaves are coming along nicely. A heel has been turned on sock number 1. We are getting there. I have not done a whole lot of knitting in the last week, but I am going on vacation on the 16th, so there will be a lot of knitting accomplished then. My plans in knitting over the next 2-3 weeks are as follows:

1. Finish Embossed Leaves socks
2. Finish Soleil.
3. Knit something for the bridal shower I have to attend in July (I got the invitation today). :)

Tomorrow afternoon I am hoping to dye some more yarn. Earlier in the week I got this: Oh, that is a lot of yarn. Guess there is no turning back on this Etsy thing. :) My plan is to dye up this stuff and then wait and see if I can sell it. So far I have sold one item. I was quite excited about it! Hopefully one will turn into two, two will turn into four. . . .

Happy Knitting!!!

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