Can I start another project? Seriously.

Ok, well, I know it's the post you have all been waiting for. The one where I tell you who wins the yarn! Of course, I am mean and cruel so you will have to wait (or just scroll to the bottom, your choice). :)

I talked a post or two ago about what a yarn factory my apartment has become since the starting of the hand-dyeing of yarn. Now you can see what I mean: I know some people don't rewind their yarn after dyeing, but I really think it makes it look so much better. Like you can imagine what your socks will look like or something. And, now that I have the swift from Lorna (the one on the table) plus the semi-broken swift I can get this task done pretty fast!

Next, it has been looking like this outside my apartment for days:

Well, that's not entirely true. Today, I think, is the worst of the storms we have had recently. I am tired of the rain. And, I feel bad for the people who live on the street where I work. So much flooding. There is a tiny stream that flows through the neighborhood, but it is enough to mess things up big time. I do not think it helps that there is a treatment plant at the end of the road. There's a lot of extra water coming through these days. Not pretty.

As I have been mostly couped up in the apartment, there has been some knitting. But, no, probably not what you think. I was needing a sock break, hence the Argosy scarf, but the scarf is misbehaving and is currently in a timeout in the corner. He's about two minutes away from going to the frog pond. I will start over, of course, but in the meantime I made this:It's the Umbilical Cord Hat from Stitch N Bitch.

Here are some specs:
The pattern: Umbilical Cord Hat from Stitch N Bitch
The yarn: Bernat CottonTots (purchased at Joann's awhile ago for a baby sweater that was gifted last year to a friend)
The needles: Size 6 dpns
The result: Um, this might be the cutest baby thing I have ever knit. I mean, an umbilical cord on the top of the hat--c'mon!

My college roommate, Karen, is with child, so this is for her (sorry for the bad picture, but the rain. Oh the rain). I knit this thing in about 1.5 days. Not bad. There will be some booties or something to match a later date. And, some bibs. I think I am going to knit her some bibs (the ones from Mason Dixon Knitting).

That's all I have in knit-land right now. Tomorrow I am off (yet again). This time the destination is St. Paul, MN! I drove through there once, but this weekend Alex and I are going there for a quick trip to visit our friend Adam. Adam has been living there for a year, studying to be an air traffic controller. He told us all year we had to come see him. I think he is moving back here in a couple of weeks, so we are headed up there just in the nick of time. Adam is a good egg. I have known him since circa 1995. (Side note: I was trying to find a good high school picture of me and Adam, but alas there are none on the computer...thank god). Anyway, the whole point of this story is there will be lots of knitting time in the car, as Alex, good man that he is, has agreed to drive.

Ok, enough stalling. Now it is time for the winner of the blog contest/yarn giveaway! And the winner is. . . .

Wait for it. . . .wait for it. . . .

Megann of Crafty Pancakes!! Megann, I have sent you an email about your win.

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest. I love having blog contests/yarn giveaways--you find such good blogs to read and such good patterns to knit. If you are sad about not winning, here is some pretty yarn to distract you from feeling sad. ;)

Happy Knitting!!

P.S. I saw this link on Ravelry about the World's Biggest Yarn stash, and if you have not seen it yet, you should take a look. Show it to your husbands/boyfriends/family members as a reminder that you do not have a problem with stashing yarn. Click here.

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