O' the baby knitting. . . .

Why hello all my faithful readers! It has been a little bit since I have last posted and, honestly, there is not too much to report. I wish there were some more FOs. Some socks perhaps. Soleil is calling my name again. Did I work on them? Heck, no! I started something new:And, what do we have here? Baby Bib O' Love from Mason Dixon Knitting!

Here are some specs:
The Pattern: Baby Bib O' Love from Mason Dixon Knitting
The Yarn: Sugar N' Creme purchased at Joann Fabrics
The Buttons: All from Joann's.
The result: Perfect baby shower gifts!

These have to be one of my favorite baby things that I have ever knit. They are just so adorable. I think the buttons really make the bibs. I am sure there will be more of these being knit soon. Both of these I made while on the road last weekend in the crazy whirlwind tour o' Minneapolis/St. Paul.

And, speaking of the Twin Cities. . . .sadly there were no yarn purchases. Kay was so kind and sent me an email with links to all the yarn stores in the area, and I didn't make it to one. I did make it to an antique store though. I know nothing about antiques or history or things like that but I do know when I see something that my dad will absolutely love:Oh, that's right, it's a Hamm's goblet. My dad is obsessed with the Hamm's. Loves the stuff. Anyway, that was the purchase made in Minnesota. Next time, there will be yarn. :)

Finally, last night there was much dyeing in the Knitting Like Crazy factory (aka my kitchen):
Only some of this is probably going to make it to my Etsy site. Some of it was special requests from knitters. And that purple-ish one is for me. It was my attempt to recreate the yarn I loved so much, Goodbye My Love. It didn't come out quite the same, but I still really love it, and can't wait to knit some socks with it. The stuff that will be on Etsy will probably be up there next week sometime after it dries and I can get some good pictures. And I am hoping there will be more yarn dyeing next week, if the giant cone o' yarn comes in the mail.

Well, I guess that is all I have for now. Tonight Alex and I start ballroom dancing class again. Oh, there will be fox trotting and waltzing. It will be good. And, I am looking forward to this weekend. The only plans I have is to attend a wedding on Sunday. The rest of the long weekend I am going to try to work on all the UFOs that are laughing at me from all corners of the apartment. Yeah, let's me serious, I am already thinking of new things to knit! :)

Happy knitting and have a very wonderful long weekend!

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