A quick lil' note. . . .

Well, this weekend, alas, involved hardly any knitting. It was a good weekend, though! On Friday there was some dinner at On The Border and some consumption of wine. No knitting can be done near the wine. Not only is drunk knitting bad, I spill red wine on occasion. Wouldn't want to ruin that Chevron Scarf! :) Last night we went to Dan and Colleen's housewarming/birthday party. It was a very good time. Especially when the police showed up! Leave it to Dan to break in his new house with a noise complaint. Today there was some sleeping, and some dyeing of yarn. I am currently working on my first batch for Strands of Heaven. All 20 skeins are going to be the same, but my tiny apartment kitchen cannot stand that load, so I have to do it in shifts. It's looking good so far!

Finally, I have put some information up on my new website: http://knittinglikecrazy.com/. I am still going to be selling my yarn on etsy, but the new site is just so people can find out more about my yarn if they want. Right now it's super basic, because web site design is not one of my skills, but I think it looks pretty ok. I have made a website or two in the past, but this one I want to actually look good!

Oh, and I do have a new skein of yarn up on Etsy: Merry Christmas!
I have one skein of this available.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully I will get some knitting in this week. The Chevron Scarf is calling my name. . . . .
Happy knitting!


  1. I saw your yarn there lookin' all purty. That's awesome that you got such a big order!
    Did you hear from the lady running the sock club yet?

  2. That's excellent news! Congratulations. Tiny apartment or not, you'll make it work.


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