Is it bad that I sleep in a bed o' yarn?

Well, hmm. I am in a weird mood today. I still have not been knitting. I have to change that soon because otherwise all the WIPs will start to become angry and revolt against me. Plus, I started making the Christmas shopping/knitting list this morning and I need to get a-crackin'!

Anyway, look what I got in the mail yesterday:I am quite excited about this yarn. Why, you ask? I won it from Wendy of Wendy Knits!! I was one of the many winners in the "Guess How Many Pairs of Socks Wendy Will Knit in the Summer of Socks?" The right answer was 19 and that's what I guessed. Hooray for free bloggity goodness yarn! It's Lisa Souza Sock Yarn in Peacock. This stuff is so so soft. The label says its about 510 yards (that's a lot!) so I might save this for some kind of shawl/lace project. I love using sock yarn for stuff like that. I am thinking about the Spring Things Shawl. The envelope from Wendy also had the pattern for the Lacy Rib Toe-Up Socks that she designed while knitting many a-sock during the Summer of Socks. Thank so much, Wendy!

And since I have no new knitting to show you, I will show you this:

Batch one for Strands of Heaven. 12 skeins of matching yarn. Well, as matching as I could get it. You know, I think it's funny that I am an analytical chemist by day and that involves some pretty good measuring and attention to detail. The yarn dyeing, hmm, I call that more creative. A 'glug or two' of vinegar and some dye until 'that looks about right.' For this little project, however, there was measuring and note taking. And dye lots. I am hoping I can get the rest dyed on or before Sunday so this project will be finished. I am excited to see what Bridget, the LYS owner, thinks of it. I think it is what she wanted.

Anyway, that's all for now. I have to go catch up on my Dancing with the Stars.

Oh, and if you have the time, please stop over to Amanda's blog and send her some lovin'. I think she could use it. :) Oh, and she is now running a contest. You could get free stuff!

Happy knitting!

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