The list! It keeps growing!

This weekend was a good one, I have to say. Saturday I went to the corn maze, which is my favorite fall-time activity. Today there was much sleeping and sitting around. I know I should have gone outside to enjoy the warm weather, but seriously, it's October, I want it to be 58 degrees outside, not 89! Alex and I watched Walk The Line. We have had the movie for over a year (yes, I said over a year) from Blockbuster Online and never watched it. Now that I decided to cancel this service, as clearly we are not using it, we had to watch it before it has to be back on October 31. The verdict on the movie--it's good, and I wish we would have watched it sooner! :)

All that sitting around today gave me time to finish these:
You may be thinking, but Jen, I never saw these socks on your blog before. Where did they come from? I will tell you. My coworker, Tim, asked me to knit a pair of socks for his wife for Christmas. He even wanted some original Knitting Like Crazy hand-dyed yarn. So, he picked out some in the Fruit Punch colorway and I got a-knittin'. It's just a basic sock pattern, 56 stitches on size 2 needles. I have to admit, I am super impressed with myself that I dyed yarn that managed to somehow stripe. I have no idea how that happened....seriously.

So I took the Christmas socks for my coworker and the Coupling socks that I made for my mom and made them some labels:

Hector, my sleeping companion, is excited to be making his blog debut! Anyway, I am glad that the Christmas knitting is coming along nicely. The next Christmas knitting project is a hat for my brother, Mike. I am thinking a black hat out of some Lion Brand Wool-Ease that is in the stash. I want to make Mike a nice hat, but I also know how he loses these things in bars and things so I am not going to make a huge investment on the first hat. If he can prove to me that he won't lose it, then maybe he will get a new one next year. :) I thought that would be it for the family knitting for Christmas, until my other brother, Matt, informed me today that he wants this. I told him it may take awhile and not to expect it for Christmas. Also, Matt now is working at Michael's again, so I am thinking he may be getting a Lion Brand Wool Ease scarf as well. I mean, the boy gets me a 30% discount if I go there while he is working!

Hmm, so now, a list.

Christmas knitting that I would like to accomplish this year:

  • Hat for Mike
  • Finish socks for male friend who shall not be named, but I can tell you it is not Alex as he has informed me he has no interest in hand knit socks.
  • Nintendo scarf for Matt--maybe
  • Coworker Tim also wants leg warmers for wife
  • 1-2 more knitted baby items for Karen (that's not really Christmas knitting, but the baby is due mid-January, so I would like to have it done before Christmas, just in case).

Really, I think this might be manageable Christmas knitting. I know I will end up adding a thing or two to the list, and I would like to get the Chevron Scarf and Morning Glory done. Perhaps some mittens. Crap, now I am adding things, and that's a lot of knitting.

Well, this week should bring a few interesting projects around here that don't involve much knitting. I have some yarn to dye (tomorrow, I think) and I also have a different coworker who has asked me to fix the holes in his hand-knit 100% alpaca sweater that he got on Bolivia years ago. I am hoping to take care of that project while at work tomorrow. I will try to get a picture of the sweater because it is quite awesome.

Ok, enough talking for now. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Happy knitting!

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