No knitting, but I am buried in yarn over here!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I would say mine was pretty good. I ate way too much but that's cool. It's Thanksgiving!

I have been knitting a little bit here and there over the last few days, but today I wanted to show you what I did in between all the eating:The yarn factory has been in full swing! And it's going to be open again in about ten minutes. I am excited about all the yarn I have been dyeing for Strands over the last few days, but I am even more excited about this:Bears yarn!?!?! Yes, please! There are a few skeins of this on my Etsy site. Perfect for all the Chicago Bears fans in your life! :)

That's really all I have to show for you now.

I taught Mel how to knit on Friday. She learned so so quick and she has the most even tension for a new knitter that I have ever seen. It was seriously remarkable. I can't wait to see her garter stitch scarf!!

Happy knitting everyone! Hopefully I will have some knitting to show off later this week. :)


  1. Very pretty colors. Isn't it cool when you can teach someone to knit?

  2. Hi. My scarf is about 8 inches long. I am enjoying it very much. I have discovered I am prone to poke my need THROUGH the yarn, rather than around it. This is a problem. However, if I pay very close attention, I can fix it. And when a row has too many stiches I just knit on two the next one. Pretty much... a few good rows, then a mistake, a few good rows...etc. I feel the mistakes are marks of love. :)

    thanks for being an excellent teacher.


  3. Looks like you've been quite busy! Lovely yarn, even for a non-Bears fan. The question is can you make Philadelphia Eagles inspired yarn? Because my husband would love that!

  4. Can't wait to see the Strands yarn! (I'm assuming its the worsted weight?).... LOL!

    Someday, with the real "soft" stuff - I want some blue jean denim stonewash type colors for socks!!

    The Bear colors look great! And is the cool yarn swift I see sitting back on your table?

    Mom and Dad brought me 5 more to sell!!!!!! You'll have to bump up your blog post about your swift!


    Hope to see you soon either on a Tuesday or at Strands...

  5. No green and gold yarn for the Cheeseheads in your life? :)

  6. Yay Bears yarn! I can't wait. If you're coming Sunday, send me the paypal whenever.


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