O Xmas Tree!

After seeing pictures of Lorna's Christmas decorations, I decided that I wanted to show mine off too. I thought some of you knitters out there might like some of my Christmas decor!

First we have the tree: It's a small tree, but living in an apartment there is not a lot of room. About three years ago I started a tradition of having a Christmas village, just like my mom:
I buy one new house each year. My town is growing. I hope one day it will have a yarn shop! So that's what's under the tree. On the tree we have these:
Knitted/yarn related ornaments made by me. The two "balls of yarn" I made by glueing some yarn onto a styrofoam ball and then winding away. I think I saw it on the Michael's website. I also made that red bell (it's one of the first things I ever knit) and the snow man. Usually they are not all bunched up on the tree like that, but I moved them--for show.

Finally, Alex's mom got us these:

Can we please talk for a minute about my knitting Christmas lady!?!?! She said she got it somewhere in the Pigeon Forge, TN area. She saw it and had to get it for me and got the Santa to match for Alex. I love all my decorations, but this new addition is obviously the best one!

I have some other stuff too that I didn't take pictures of. I made a couple of Snowman pillows with some fleece and I have a collection of snowmen all over the place.

That's it. That is Christmas in my apartment!

No knitting has taken place in the last three days. I must do something to fix that soon. Tonight might be the night for knitting we will see. If I can get the printer to work there may be yarn labeling tonight as well.

Happy knitting!

P.S. Sarah--I saw that you tagged me, but I was having a very hard time coming up with answers to the questions. I may take a stab at that again in a couple days. :)


  1. I love your Christmas Village. And your tree's adorable.

  2. I love it! I am started getting into the mood so early this year, while Troy was off w/ his sons on Thanksgiving this year, I put my tree up.

  3. I love xmas villages!

    Lovely ornaments.

    The knitting lady is so fun.

  4. Jen,

    I love your knitting Mrs Santa! That is so cool!

    Your village will grow by leaps and bounds! I know ours does every year - because besides the buildings, you have to get people and animals, and, and, and.. there is just SO much to choose from!

  5. Hey Jen!
    Everything looks great! I love the balls of yarn on the tree! Very clever...maybe you should start selling those on etsy! As for Mrs. Claus, that is just too perfect!
    Our tree is going up tonight and Kieran is very excited! I will try to get pix of it and put in on the blog!
    We also still have to meet up again soon!

  6. Oh Jen it's just lovely! They're putting up the decorations here at the hotel. Very strange.


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