Let's Be Honest Here. . . .

Well, much has been going on in the land o' me lately. Christmas shopping is in full swing, unfinished projects are everywhere...ah, December!

Anyway, here is the update on a project or three of mine. First we have this little purse:
One of my coworkers has indicated that she wants a knitted purse. So one ball of Patons Chunky Shetland Tweed later and we have almost a completed purse. I even bought fabric to line the inside. I am hoping maybe tonight I can finish this.
Then we have some socks:

The yarn is Koigu (yum...Koigu) and the pattern is my own. Remember the blue Lacy socks of earlier this year? It's the same pattern, but I went toe up this time. I am still trying to write the pattern to maybe put it on my website. One day. One day. These socks are going pretty fast. I started the first one on Sunday and had it done by Monday night. Of course, on Sunday I went to two knitting groups so there was a lot of knitting done that day!

Finally, there are the Fetchings:I knit the first one in a day, but Fetching number two has been sitting at the bottom of the knitting bag for a week or so. The goal for this week is 1) finish purse, and b) finish Fetching. These will likely be gifted as well.

There are a few other WIPs around here, but I am ignoring them for the time being. Someday they will have their turn. It's so hard to not cast on for new things. I bought a new pattern this week and I am so in love with it. I even bought some yarn to go with it, so when I have finished some things, I will be ready:

This is my first skein of Fearless Fibers and holy crap it is nice. So soft, so pretty. I want more!

Like I said earlier, on Sunday I went a-knittin' all over the Chicagoland area. First I went to the Northwest Suburban Knitting Group in the morning then it was down to Strands in the afternoon for some more knitty goodness. While I was at Strands I delivered much yarn:

It's all superwash worsted weight. I am really liking dyeing the heavier weight yarns. Hmm, I might have to dye more of that soon!

Anyway, the rest of this week is going to be a little low key. Tomorrow there will be some yarn dyeing and possibly some more Christmas shopping. Maybe I can squeeze some knitting time in there too!

Happy knitting!

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