It's like a knitting library in here!

Well there have been some awesome knitty acquisitions in the last few days.

First, I was gifted this by the kids I babysit (Peter, Lily and Jenna):I had not seen this book before, but I am glad that I have it! There are lots of babies arriving soon and my friends are definitely starting to be in that "baby making" phase, so this is an excellent book for me. There is a ton of cute stuff to knit in it!

Then, I scored an Amazon gift certificate, which I promptly spent on this:I have been dying for Lace Style for quite some time and Fitted Knits was high on my list too. I never really thought I would want to knit mittens like in Folk Mittens, but since I have been working on the Bird in Hand mittens, that has changed. Bring on the Fair Isle, baby!

Other than that, things are good. I am pretty tired today, as work has been super nuts the last couple days. But, tonight there will be much knitting and, um, American Idol!!!! Hooray! My 2nd favorite show is back on TV! (The Office being my first favorite). Tomorrow I plan to dye a crap ton of yarn, and then on Thursday I am going to go knit with my knitting group. Friday I am taking off to Iowa for a weekend of fun with my brother in fabulous Waterloo!

There is still time to get on some blog contest fun here at Knitting Like Crazy! I am giving away two prizes (yummy hand-dyed prizes!). Check out the details here.

Happy Knitting!

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