My first knitting injury. . . .

It's my first knitting injury, and I cannot post a picture. Why? Well, let's just say it involved a Knitpicks Harmony Needle (size 2) and my ass. Amazingly, I did not bust the needle. Who knew my ass was quite the dpn pincushion? Certainly, I did not.

I was a little worried, at first, that there was a splinter of knitting needle in there, alas, there is not. I had this confirmed by a certified medical doctor -- Alex (ok, that's a joke, Alex is not a doctor, although he was a good man and checked the puncture wound for splinters. And, it should be noted that it was more on the hip and less on the ass, but an ass knitting injury sounds much better for knit-blogging).

Anyway, after sustaining said injury, I stopped knitting for the night. It's my punishment for leaving a knitting needle on the couch. :)

Ok, that's all. I had to tell this story to people who would understand.

Thanks! Hopefully knitting with pictures soon!

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