STR Goodness! (Warning: Spoiler Alert)

Before I start talking about the goodness that is my first BMFA Sock Club package, I should warn you:

I will excuse you from reading my blog today, if you don't want to find out about the first package. :)

Before I talk about my package I should probably deal with the results of my contest. As you may recall, there were two prizes to be given away. Well, there is only one winner*....Tia!!! Thanks for your donation!! Mel and I thank you!!! Hope you enjoy your Knitting Like Crazy yarn.

Now that's out of the way, so what do we have here? My first Sock Club package....ever! I have never been in a sock club or yarn club or anything, so this is super exciting to me. I dropped everything and cast on for the socks right away. I am loving the pattern and pretty much can't put it down. I can't wait to be wearing these socks.

Yesterday, after some knitting goodness with my knitting group, I decided to be crafty (yeah, like I need to be more crafty) and made this:

It's a dpn holder. I was really tired of not having anything to keep my dpns from a-flyin' around my knitting bag, my bedroom, and the apartment in general. So one trip to Joann's and about 30 minutes later, I had this. Now, I do not sew, so I just used some of that stitch witchery stuff with an iron to put it together. I have no idea if it is going to hold up, but for the few dollars I spent, it's worth a shot. I am referring to this little number as my prototype, because if it does seem to hold up, there might be a chance that I might make some more to unload on the knitters I know. :)

Anyway, that's all I have for today. I am going to start dyeing yarn now, so if I owe you some yarn, chances are you will be getting it soon. If I don't owe you yarn, that's ok, I still like you!

Happy knitting!

*Only one entry was submitted for this contest, thus making only one winner. Don't worry, I will be holding a no donation required contest again in the future. Probably around May-ish. Stay tuned!

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