Do the Dragon Dance. . . .

I have been one busy knitter over the last week. Sunday morning I finished my Serendipidity socks. I am totally in love with these socks. I have loved other socks, yes, it's true, but for some reason these socks make me super happy.
(look at that non-wonky short row heel. a miracle!)
Here are some specs on my new favorite socks:
The Yarn: BMFA Socks That Rock Lightweight in the Dragon Dance colorway
The Pattern: Serendipity (that's a ravelry link there)
The Size: Medium (64 sts around)
The Needles: Size 1 dpns
The Results: Like I said, these socks have captured my heart. I am pretty much in love with the heel of the sock too. It just turned out great. I have some more STR Lightweight in the stash so I may have to use this pattern again sometime soon.
I love my socks so much I don't even want to wear them because I know as soon as I wear them they are one day closer to having a hole worn through them. :)
Well, the sock knitting kick has continued. I finally picked my Faux Cable Sock back up this week and there has been some heel turning on sock number too:

So, those are coming along nicely. I am hoping I can get them done over the weekend, when I have many knitting group events to attend.

Sunday, during the Super Bowl, I started these: What? More Bears socks? Well, these aren't actually for me, but, yeah, I am so knitting more Bears socks. These are going to be for a coworker's wife. He asked me to knit them as his wife loves the Bears. I am just doing a plan sock here. I don't usually get to fancy when knitting socks for other people because sometimes it's hard to know if they want lacy socks or if something is going to fit their foot. Plus, I think the stockinette shows off the Bears colors in the yarn nicely.

Well, that's it for today. I am off to work now. Then it will be back home to watch all that snow that it supposed to come from inside the apartment.

Have a good day. Happy Knitting!

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