Look who's destashing. . . .

Two posts in one day! Gosh, I must be crazy...crazy for yarn, that is!! Ok, enough of that.

I just wanted to let everyone know I am starting to destash a few things. Part of my New Years plan is to get rid of stuff I don't need. There has already been a bunch of paper shredding and closet cleaning. I didn't really think I would try to get rid of yarn, but if I get rid of the stuff I am not going to use, I will have more room for yarn I will use.

Anyway, you can find all of this yarn in "Destash Yarn" section on my Etsy site. My etsy site will include the shipping in the order, so if I know you in real life and you would like some yarn, just send me an email, so we can take care of delivery dates and all that. I am shipping to US and Canada and will take paypal, as with all purchases on the etsy site.

The pics of the yarn here are the ones I am destashing so far. There is a little bit more, and I will be updating my etsy site with it throughout the week.

C'mon, you know you want some yarn! :)

That is all. Happy knitting!

ETA: The Double Chunky Wool and Mountain Colors is gone, but I currently still have the NY Yarns Tweed. It is a wonderful yarn, and would make a nice hat or something. You know you want it! :)

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