I am flying by the seat of my knitted pants. . . .

So, first I see a post in the Etsy forums about these knitting bags for sale. I loved it so, but was trying to show some control. Then, Ruth got one, and well, I don't know, I got jealous. Crazy jealous. I had to get one. And get one I did:

Yeah, it's a knitting chicken bag. It's awesome! I love it! You want one now, don't you? I got mine from ZigZagStitches. She was sold out of them, but made one for me. I highly recommend you pick up your knitting chicken bag today!

Other than that, there has been some yarn dyeing:

And there has been some knitting:

The "Yet Another Pair of Bears Socks" Socks are finally done. These will be going to my coworker to give to his wife tomorrow.

I am ready to start more socks, but I have yet more secret knitting to do! :)

A short quick post today. But that's all I have for now. Happy knitting everyone!


  1. Love the bag and the socks. And I'm really impressed with your improving dying skills. Way to go!

  2. Knitting chickens!! How cute.

  3. What an adorable fabric in that bag! No wonder you had to get one. And your hand-dyed wool is lovely, too.

  4. Um, I 100% sure that I need the knitting chicken bag. Seriously.

    PS- I get to see you today!!!!

  5. Yay, chickens! I showed the bag today to the Benster, and he proceeded to make cluck cluck noises.

    Your bear socks are really neat. I love, love that striping!

  6. I love your chicken bag! I saw it on Etsy a week or so ago and almost bought one :) I just can't justify it though when I have hundreds of yards of fabric sitting in my sewing room. But I don't have chicken fabric!


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