There has been some sock mojo. . . .

Ah, hello my ones of readers! I am back with some sock mojo news: I got it back! Well, I think I did. Now that I have been working on my March Rockin' Sock Club sock, I am not so sure. This sock is kicking my butt. But, alas, I will keep working at it.

Anywho, what got my sock mojo back were these:

Oh, it's STR, in the Fire on the Mountain colorway. I love these socks. I want to marry these socks. I love them so much that I gave them to a good home--to Mel! I think she loves them too (as a picture of them are now on her Facebook page). I may have to use my 10% off coupon from BMFA to get some more of this yarn for myself.

I also finished my friend Gina's baby delivery socks. I don't have a picture (they aren't even on Ravelry yet--very hot off the needles, you know how it goes). Those turned out great too!

After all that sock knitting, I decided to knit something other than a sock:It's an iPod Nano cozy for Alex's new iPod Nano. I made the pattern up, and I even wrote it down. You can find it right here on my website.

And speaking of website--

I have been doing a pretty major update to my website, http://knittinglikecrazy.com. I have added more information about my yarn and even a gallery of the colorways I am willing to reproduce. And, my sock pattern and now the iPod Cozy pattern are there. So far, I am pleased with the site. I updated it myself (with only a few technical questions for Alex). So, take a look--hope you like it!

That's about all for now. Hope everyone is having a good week. Happy Knitting!


  1. I love my socks. They rock my world. Almost as much as you do.

    I LOVE them. I cannot wait to be even half the knitter you are.


  2. Wow. Love the coloring on those socks!

  3. Those socks look great!

  4. Great little Nano cover pattern. I have a Classic, but can probably adapt the pattern a bit. Thanks so much! Love your blog...just found it because of Carrie (Socks in the City).

  5. Love those socks too! I have that same colorway and am thinking of patterns to use that prevent too much pooling...

  6. I love the socks and the ipod cozy!!

  7. Asaknitter4:36:00 PM

    Lovely socks and great work on your web site.

  8. Awesome socks! (both) What pattern did you use for the STR pair? LOVE it!


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