Back with a fiber-y vengeance. . . .

And, I'm back! Thanks for all the lovely comments about the cat. I love all my online knitting buds. You guys rock.

So, as you may or may not know, I sort of accidentally took up spinning recently. I am using a drop spindle right now (due to it's cheap price tag) but I am seriously trying to decide if that economic stimulus check is going to stimulate my savings account or stimulate the purchase of a spinning wheel. I seriously am so torn right now on that one. Anywho, for the time being, me and my drop spindle, are getting along just fine:
I am still working on being more even while spinning; it's still a little "thick and thin" but slowly I am becoming more consistent. I keep telling myself I learned to knit out of a book, and that took awhile to get the hang of, and I am trying to learn to spin the same way so it's just going to take some time.

That roving up there is from Whimzy Pimzy and the colorway is Sunset Beach. I should warn you for non-spinners out there--there is some lovely yarn in her shop too. :)

And then the knitting. . . .

I had dyed some self-striping yarn the other week, and I decided to keep one skein for myself to test it out. Um, can we just say it's freakin' awesome:

I don't think self-striping is something I would do all the time, due to the time factor that goes into making that happen, but once in awhile, it's a nice change. And I do love those perfect little stripes.:) I think the above socks different on purpose. I like that they are almost the same, just striping almost exactly opposite (I say almost because the turquoise stripe is slightly bigger than the brown one). And, I do have one more of these in the shop right now, just sayin'. :)

I decided to give these socks to my friend Mel. Mel had a hell of a week last week and while some people would knit a prayer shawl, I decided to go with prayer socks. Mel is not the shawl-wearing kind of gal. Anyway, I know most of you don't know Mel, but (and I have said this before) she is an extremely good egg. If you have a minute, please visit her blog and send her and her friends some good thoughts.

That's it for now. Tonight there will be much yarn dyeing and yarn craziness up in here. Hope everyone has a good week.

Happy knitting!

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