No Harlot For You. . . .

Well, tonight was supposed to be Yarn Harlot night. Sadly, it was not. Stephanie got stuck in Canada, and there was much raining in Chicago and it was just a bad scene. Anyway, there was much knitting and fun had, even without the Yarn Harlot. It all started when I was the first one to the venue, and I decided to Kinnear myself: I realize I look kind of crabby in the above picture, but I was trying to catch exactly what I would look like had I been Kinneared by someone else. Obviously, sitting there alone knitting didn't make me look weird enough. I had to bust out the camera and take pictures of myself knitting by myself. I swear, you should be in my head sometimes.

Anyway, I did knit quite a lot of sock:
This is my own yarn in the Sunset (I think) colorway. I dyed this awhile ago and put one in my shop, kept one for myself. I am so glad that I kept it for myself. It's lovely.

Well, that's it. Tonight I will spend the rest of my evening knitting above sock while watching lots of Friends reruns. A pretty good end to a pretty good night.

Happy Knitting!

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