Dear Knitting Blog

Dearest Knitting Blog,

I am sorry that I have been neglecting you. You see, I have been busy. There is socks to be knit, yarn to be dyed, American Idol to watch. And, well, Ravelry. It's become my daily time-suck. I used to waste time by reading knitting blogs (and updating my own), but now I am there, chatting my day away in the forums, trying to take the perfect pictures to get more hearts on my projects, and being peer pressured into knitting cool things. I am sorry blog. I will try to be better. I heart you.


And, now, back to your regularly knitting. Over the last few weeks I have been going in these crazy spurts where I will knit like crazy for a week, then touch nothing fiber related for five days, and repeat. I don't know why this has happened, but there is knitting getting done, so in the end that's good.

Ok, so first there is the baby knitting I have been doing.

These two things are for my coworker's new baby boy. Both quick, easy, and inexpensive. My kind of baby project!

This is the 4-Hour Baby Bias Blanket from Lion Brand: You knit it on size 50 needles!! I never thought I would be a knitter to use such needles, but I guess I am now. When you need something in a hurry, they are an excellent solution. I used about four balls of Lion Brand Jiffy for this (I say about because I did have to bust into the second four balls that I bought for another one of these to finish the last few rows). Truly mindless knitting there, my friend.

Then I knit this little Bunny Blanket Buddy:
I knit that out of a half a ball of TLC Baby Amore. I definitely have enough to knit another one. I think little baby Silas will be happy with his new stuff!

I also managed to finish my Leafling socks, from the March installment of the Rockin' Sock Club:
At first I was not happy about the fact the second sock came out beautifully striped, and the first one had pooled more, but now I don't care. The stitch pattern is really lovely and to me, not many things beat a brand new pair of socks made out of STR on my feet.

I am very glad I finished those socks because my one knitting goal for this year was to complete all the socks in that sock club. So far I am two for two.

Hmm, what else? There was some stash enhancement courtesy of George W.: Of course, Socks that Rock! I got above all in lightweight and from left to right we have Blarney Stone, Turquoise, and Pebble Beach. I have already decided that the Pebble Beach yarn will become Sidewinders after seeing these on Ravelry.

I have some other secret/mystery knitting going on, but those should be able to be revealed in about one week or so. :) Oh the secret knitting, some of my best work yet, I think!

And now, the shop plug. Some of you may have seen my sidebar (or even been to my etsy shop recently) but I just want to put it out here--I now sell roving on Etsy!
There is currently four in my shop, and a ball o' roving arrived this week for more dyeing fun!

Lots of good things are coming up soon which hopefully will give me good things to blog about (or give me no time to blog, I am not sure). There are more birthday celebrations coming up (there was an early b-day celebration for me yesterday, but I am waiting to blog about that because I am quite behind on the blogging right now), and a trip to Niagara Falls, and the reschedule of the Yarn Harlot (Hooray!!!), and the dyeing of 100 skeins of baseball themed yarn, and weddings, and weddings, and weddings, and weddings. (None of those weddings are mine; remember, I want cats. 124 cats!)

That's it for now. Happy knitting!

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