It's August!?

Where this summer has gone, I am not sure. It's definitely going by fast!!

Well, this weekend, I did absolutely no knitting, but scrapbooked instead (scrapbooking being my other not so cheap hobby).

I managed to finish the scrapbook of the Yellowstone vacation of 2005 (I had been working on that one for 2.5 years!) and then started and finished the scrapbook from my Las Vegas vacation of two years ago.

Oh! And I made these cards, which you can find on my etsy site:
I have two sets of these. I think they are pretty good for my first attempt at card making.

I am also having a decent sized destash on my etsy site as well. Sock yarn. It's all sock yarn. :)

Well, that's all I've got. This weekend I am spending the weekend watching the Eggerding kids (three nights! ack!), but it does give me lots of knitting time when the kids are in bed.

Happy Knitting!

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