Lots of fun new toys. . . .

Well, August, just like every other month this summer, is getting away from me. I have lots of new toys, yarn, and various other yummies to show off, so here we go.

My first new toy is my electric skein winder from Crazy Monkey. I hate reskeining yarn, so this baby should help me with that little project:
I am still trying to work out a few minor kinks to find the best way to have this reskein for me with the least amount of work by me, but so far I am really liking it. Want on of your own? You can get it here.

Then there was a present from my dear boyfriend, Alex*:

Hell yes to the yarn bouquet! I had seen these online sometime ago, and of course really wanted one. I think he thought a yarn bouquet was a little silly, but I mean a yarn bouquet? For a crazy knitter? That is better than a bouquet of flowers for sure!

Want to make your boyfriend buy you one of those? You can get it here.

Then, I bought myself a little present as a pat on the back for the 100 skeins of yarn order for the Yarn Stash. Of course, it's Socks That Rock:
And, as always if you want some of that, you can get that here.

Hmm, so I haven't just been acquiring yarn and yarn related things, I have been working on some stuff too. First, I crocheted this little baby washcloth for a baby shower I am going to next month:
I found the pattern while screwing around on Ravelry. It is a free Ravelry download, which you can see here.

And, then one of my dear high school friends, who sadly I have not seen since high school but through the magic of Facebook was able to reconnect with, mentioned she needed a scarf. Who am I to deny someone a knitted scarf? Honestly.
One of my Ravelry friends knit a scarf using this pattern, and I just couldn't cast on fast enough. You can see the full details on my Ravelry page (just click here). And, the yarn? It's some bulky weight yarn I dyed myself.

Well, that's it. I have lots of knitting goodness planned in the coming weeks. And, with Stitches happenning in a few short days, I am sure I will blogging again very soon.

Hope to see some of you at Stitches! Happy knitting!

* For those keeping track, Alex is the guy I had been living with in a platonic roommate sort of way for the last forever, but last month he was upgraded to boyfriend status. It's very good. I like this upgrade.

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