From Socks to Sweaters?

So, last night, some of the ladies from the Northwest Suburban Knitting Group came over for Charity knit night. We meet once a month at a member's house to knit rectangles/drink some alcohol/eat ourselves silly. Last night it was me, Mary, Jen, Tammy, Cathy, Melissa, Beth, and Cindy. We had a wonderful time. And, in between all the chatting, we got some more squares done for our charity blanket:
Yes, we are supposed to all be 7x9in, but we all like to be different. You can block acrylic, right?

I actually like the colors of those squares together. There is some chance I will try to dye some yarn like that in the near future.

My sock mojo is still gone, but I have been making some considerable progress on Juliet:
Thanks to the deary weekend we seem to be having, I am thinking it may get finished my tomorrow. And, I have another project in mind, for the moment this one is done (actually, it's all I can do not to cast it on right now). It's Abrazo. I love that little vest. I think it is positively adorable. I have just the yarn for it too.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. And, I hope everyone is staying dry and safe!

Happy knitting.

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