Well, I have still been on that sock hiatus, and have started and finished a nice little fall/winter-y project: Abrazo!

Damn, I am one warm vest!

Ah, the cable-y goodness.
The Specs:
Pattern: Abrazo from Knitty
The Yarn: Araucania Limari, purchased from Stitches Midwest 2008, 7 skeins (I got the bag of 10 skeins for $45)
The needles: Size 10 and 11
Time to knit: One week
The result: This thing sure is going to keep me warm this winter!

I really really enjoyed knitting this pattern. The needles and yarn were definitely bigger than what I am used to (I mean, I am known as the sock goddess in my knitting group). The vest still could use a good blocking, which I plan on doing tomorrow on my day off.

The knitting on my Juliet is also completed, but it still needs a blocking as well. The only other major thing I have been working on is a Clapotis I just started the other night. I needed one, just like everyone else. So far, so good on that. I am really enjoying the pattern!

Have a good weekend. Happy knitting!


  1. It is very pretty, I love the yarn choice! Really makes the cables pop!

  2. Love the color, and I've got a vest in the wings, too. How far back in the wings, I couldn't say...


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