Uh, I think my sock goddess title is gettting taken away. . . .

It's true. I have been known as the 'the sock goddess' in my knitting group for the last year. It even says so next to my name on our website. But, I am pretty sure that title is being revoked. Why? Well, there are no socks being knit around here!
I am something awesome, but not a sock.
It's a sweater. Hey Teach to be exact. I saw it in Knitty and saw some pics on Ravelry, but was swayed to start immediately knitting it after seeing the Yarn Harlot's Hey Teach. I just needed one.

So far, it is going well. I have been knitting on it here and there for the last week or so and have a lot done. I dream of wearing this on Thanksgiving, which gives me more than enough time to finish it.

Other than that, I have been knitting a bit on my Clapotis as well. But, it looks only slightly bigger than the last time I showed it to you:
I am enjoying the drop stitch-y goodness on this project. And, I look forward to wearing it when it is done.

That is it for the knitting these days. I got my yarn dyeing mojo back, so I have been updating my shop more regularly (including today!!). I am glad the mojo came back. I enjoy my wee little yarn dyeing business.

Hope everyone has a good week! Happy knitting!

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